Though I DO recommend cheats, USE THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK! Some has reported glitches with the cheats and it will NOT be supported as the game is now offically outdated.

It will ALSO spoil the ENTIRE game if you use them. So be very carful with them.

Easter Eggs Edit

Hidden sounds

Select the sound test option and listen to the first six introduction sounds. Tiny will recite various trivia and miscellaneous sound clips after the instructions and normal reports.

Secret Hat

After you kill the first boss, grab his hat, you'll wear it all the way until you die.

Sombrero trivia01

sombrero trivia


At Part 2 of Recycling Plant, when you need to kill Stealth Tank, you can see Tiny wear a sombrero instead of a hat. This can only be done if you can make past the switched head boss fight. You also need to go to the mirror to see it.

Misc. Codes Edit

Code Effect
At the stamper menu highlight Option and hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + X Cheat Menu
At the new game menu hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Left + Circle + Select Level Select

Passwords Edit

Activate the cheat menu, then enter the following
Password Effect
AAAAAAAAA Disable All Cheats
TANKODOOM Invulnerability
TINYTINY Little Tiny
FEATHER Low Gravity
FMVTTT View Appaloosa Interactive FMV
FMVIII View Atmospheric Reduction Center Intro FMV
FMVAAA View Dead River Canyon Intro FMV
FMVEEE View Desert Robo-Train Intro FMV
FMVVVV View Ending FMV
FMVUUU View Game Over FMV
FMVJJJ View Magneto Synchrotron Transporter Intro FMV
FMVBBB View Mortar-Villa Airfield Intro FMV
FMVMMM View Mount Mutank Intro FMV
FMVPPP View The Maze Intro FMV
FMVGGG View The Nanometal Mountain Intro FMV
FMVNNN View The Rail Gun Launcher Intro FMV
FMVWWW View Tiny Tank's Music Video