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Tiny Tank

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Scene 1Edit

Tiny Tank A Cute Killing Machine-1

Tiny Tank A Cute Killing Machine-1


(the video on the right)

The Director: Cue the theme song, Tinky Tinky, Clinky Clanky new from Sentrax, Tiny Tank, America's loveable... 

Tiny Tank: Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait. Is that my theme song? 

The Director: Well, it hasn't been finalized yet.

Tiny Tank: Wanky Wanky, Tinky Tanky, what the $%#@ is that?

Scene 2          Edit

The Director: You know Tiny, I like to tell you what it's been a pleasure working with you.

Tiny Tank: You would?  The Director: I like to, but that would be a lie, wouldn't it. 

Tiny Tank: It would? 

The Director: You're not a pleasure to work with.                      
Tiny Gets Mad

Tiny Gets Mad


Tiny Tank: I'm not? 

The Director: No, you're a pain. 

Tiny Tank: Gee, and I thought I was cute.

The Director: You're suppose to be cute, but are you? 

Tiny Tank: Uh, no. 

The Director: No, you're a pill. 

Tiny Tank: Ah! A pain and a pill. 

The Director: You have a bad attitude. I'm not being paid enough to deal with your, unprofessional behavior. You're disruptive, lazy, irresponsible, stubborn, crude, crass, unhelpful, rude... 

Tiny Tank: Lazy? 

The Director: I'm not finished. Destructive, depressing, nasty, self-indulgence, uh... 

Tiny Tank: [about to get frustrated] Okay, that's enough now. 

The Director: Uncooperative, insolent, flippant, combative, anit-social, excitable... 

Tiny Tank: [getting mad] Excitable? Do I ask for this? No, I'm suppose to be cute. I'm suppose to be dangerous. What am I, a yellow-metal freak with a smiley face and lethal weapons, and I've had it up to here, you hear me? Up to here!  [Tiny starts firing blanks at the director]

The Director: Tiny?  [Tiny continues firing the blanks and eventually stops firing

The Director: Uh, Fred? Thanks for remembering the blanks.

  Fred: Don't mention it. 

Scene 3Edit

[Fred and the director finished playing the Tiny Tank theme song for Tiny Tank himself

The Director: Well, Tiny? What did you think? 

Tiny Tank: What is up with that Tinky-Tinky $%*#?   

Fred: I thought it was kind of catchy.                                         

The Director: Shut up, Fred! 

Tiny Tank Jingle

Tiny Tank Jingle