Of course, what a cute lil' SenTrax killin' machine is complete without a healthy arsenal of weapons? Each time Tiny kills an enemy unit, it leaves behind a certain sort of weapon (and some Nanometal) he can use. Here is the list of weapons that Tiny can collect and unleash:

Tiny's NoseEdit

Tiny's 80mm cannon is his main weapon and is there from the very start. He fires and the projectile is a diamond shaped grreen plasma burst. It gets more powerful with more P-brains.

Gattling GunEdit

100mm-caliber gun using explosive, armour-piercing, Class 9 Titan rounds. Rapid auto-fire capability.

Gattling gun

gattling gun

XA-12 RocketEdit

Infrared and heat-seeking delivery, carrying 2-Megaton dynamic warheads.

Xa-12 rocket

xa-12 rocket


Ultra-mag delivery system utilizing staged pulse technology for highest concussive pontential. WARNING: This gun WILL damage Tiny if he is close enough to it!



Freeze GunEdit

Super-cooling jets deliver concentrated blasts of near-absolute zero Frostex sludge.

Freeze gun

freeze gun

Super BlasterEdit

Delivers highly explosive Z-17 Nano-rounds capable of shattering solid rock up to three meters thick.

Super blaser

super blaster

Pop GunEdit

Standard MicroTank issue. Delivers "Zinger" payload via high-density Moby coil discharge.

Pop gun

pop gun

Plasma BlasterEdit

Nano-nuclear reactor capable of creating super-concentrated Plasma fields. Can create larger, more powerful Plasma fields if charged for several seconds.

Plasma blaster

plasma blaster

Flame ThrowerEdit

Amazingly simple yet highly powerful weapon which shoots out a concentrated blast of flameat aproxamately

2000 degrees Kelvin.

Flame thrower

flame thrower

Impulse GunEdit

Spiral-induced, high-powerd plasma blast, utilizing nano-nuclear reator in a tandom with a single payload . 

Highly destuctive.

Impulse gun

impulse gun