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Chapter 1, Another day, another nickle Edit

So yeaaaah... I woke up this one morning getting ready to go to work. I happen to own a place. So yeah...

Fill out my fourm:

Name: Sex: Race: Age: Job: Interests: Love: Era: Year: Location:

Heres a example:

Name: Mevvy Sex: Male Race: Human Age: 23 Job: Black Robe and General Interests: Flirting Love: Eileen Era: Early 21st century Year: 2030 Location: Moscow, Novaya Russia

So I was heading off to the the center of Moscow were Grigor Stoyonovich was awaiting for me and my men. I was assigned to defend Arkhangelsk Notrth-East of Moscow. So I did as he commanded and went there with half of his forces.

Tiny Tank 2 07:55, 30 November 2008 (UTC)