Strike blimp

strike blimp


Strike Blimp guards the fan of the Atmosphere Reduction Center, at the end of the level. During the boss battle, you must destroy Strike Blimp first, then the fan. All atacks on the fan are inactive

How to destroy Strike Blimp:

1. At the end of each side of the area strike blimp is, there is a heat exhaust. It blows fire which boosts Tiny Tank into the air. Once Tiny is boosted upward, he can shoot at Strike Blimp. The exhausts damage Tiny when he treads upon it, but there are invincibility power-ups in the middle.      

2. The edges of the platforms can be used to tilt Tiny Tank at a 45 degree angle, allowing Tiny to shoot upwards. Tiny must have distance between strike blimp for this to work.