Teeny Weeny tanks (TWT) are eextremely small versions of Tiny Tank which have three functions depending on the number of P-brains allocated to them.  

Allocating P-brains to Teeny Weeny TanksEdit

No Brains - The TWTs are simply designed to HUNT. When launched they will search out nearby enemies and attempt to destroy them by running into them and exploding.

1 Brain - The TWTs will be set to GATHER. When launched, they will pick up dropped resources (brains, guns, nanometal) within a short distance, and bring them back to Tiny.

2 Brains -  The TWTs will be set to PROTECT. When luanched, they will circle circle around Tiny, moving where Tiny moves, and attempt to protect Tiny from his enemies.                                                                                                      

Extra and TriviaEdit

  • It requires five bars of Nanometal to create one TWT. New TWTs are not produced until all TWTs have been used.
  • TWTs are fully automated, but can be piloted manually by holding down the Circle button while using the Directional Buttons to steer them.