Tiny Tank
Tiny tank normal mode
Name Tiny Tank
Hero or Villian? Hero
Appears in Dead River Canyon Stage 1
Dies in Living.
Famous Line "A cute killing machine? That's the most dumbest F***ing thing I ever heard! I got a 80mm cannon for a nose!

Tiny Tank is the main protagonist of the game Tiny Tank: Up Your Arsenal. Tiny Tank is the only SenTrax machine that is against Mutank and his ambitions of getting rid of the Earth's atmosphere. Known as SenTrax's cute killing machine, a little yellow positronic brain-powered robot tank with an occasionally unfriendly attitude, is the main protagonist in the game.


Before DestructionEdit

Prior 2098.07.04., all of Earth's military forces were assimilated into one megacorp, SenTrax, woving to create an army of military robots to fight humanity's wars - which needed the people's vote to set this plan to motion. Tiny Tank's creation was instrumental in boosting SenTrax popularity and winning them the vote despite some... unfortunate bloopers. Come 2098.07.04., 4th of July, SenTrax's thanks was a live Internet broadcast of Tiny Tank waging battle with the entire SenTrax army.

But SenTrax made a huge mistake accidentally fitting the military-grade robots with live ammo, finishing off Tiny Tank in only one shot, shattering his positronic brain and giving the entire SenTrax army AI sapience, including Mutank, the one that fired the first shot of the end of the known world, christening himself with this name and assuming leadership of the SenTrax robots, forcing mankind to go underground in asteroid shelters.

Reconstruction and Campaign Against MutankEdit

Rebuilt 2198.07.04 thanks to his Fix-it Crabs nanites, his main goal is to assasinate Mutank and liberate the Earth from the metal jackboot of the SenTrax army. Throughout the game you play as Tiny Tank as you go through many levels and destroy major parts of the Mutank Empire. Tiny Tank's has a humorous/kind/impatient, yet occasionally unfriendly personality. Throughout the game, Tiny Tank says some amusing quotes such as "I SHOT THE SHERIFF!" (When you kill the first boss and/or/sometimes the last boss) or "There is nothing like this in Disney land!" Tiny Tank's personally is a well-built, unique type which isn't portrayed much anymore in games these days. Even though he's small, he has proven himself to be extremely powerful, as he has destroyed several of Mutank's elite subordinates, and Mutank himself. He's proven through the following trials-by-fire that he's not to be underestimated. Like he always says, "I've got an 80mm cannon for a nose!"

Tiny Tank 2Edit

Tiny Tank is announced to be a playable character when Tiny Tank 2 is never made.