NOTE: These taunts are OFFICIAL taunts we are gonna make. So if we have a new taunt, we will post it here.

Level 1 Edit

  1. Jungly!
  2. Sweet!
  3. I hope I don't become rusty!
  4. Eww... Sticky!
  5. Oooh, want some of this?
  6. Browny point!
  7. Silly robot!
  8. And another one falls to me! Hahahahaha!
  9. BOOM you go!
  10. Should have switched to geico !
  11. W00t! (When jumping)
  12. Does my insurance cover this ? (when damaged)
  13. LOOK OUT! Its a Tiny Tank (When the Transmitter is destroyed)

Level 2 Edit

  1. Trainy!
  2. All aboard!
  3. One ticket to Boston please!
  4. Tiny goes fast!
  5. CHOO CHOO! Gonna kick your ass! CHOO CHOO!
  6. I hit your *boop boop*
  7. Madness indeed!
  9. Seems like you lost your wheel cos your going OFFTRACK!
  10. KABOOM! Nuked off the tracks!
  11. If annoying, kill him!
  12. Traxtor, you are now officially TILED OFF! (After defeating Traxtor)
  13. Joo wanna play rough?! Okay! SHAY ELLO TO MY LIL FRIENDZZZZ!!!! (when realesing more than 2 teeny weeny tanks in attack mode )

Level 3Edit

  1. I say! (Says it in a gentlemanly British voice)
  2. Off we go then, chap!
  3. Yeah!
  4. Excuse me sir! I'm just kicking your buttox!
  5. Heck yeah! 
  6. KABOOM!
  7. Kwomee!
  8. OH , NOT YOU !
  9. I'm the lord of the harvest !!!
  10. Bring it,down , Bring it down , ahhhhh !!!!!
  11. That one's going back to Normandy!
  12. I said, GOOD DAY SIR! (After defeating ChapBot)

Other levelsEdit

  1. Expeded or Flat Rate?
  2. Free shipping!